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I do my gratta e vinci finche vinc(i)o

There are things in life that you do also if you know that they’re completely useless. No, useless would be even too restrained… (is restrained a good word for that what i want to say doctor bassler ? )

There are things that are bad for you, or at least -- in my case -- bad for your wallet. Besides smoking, surfing and drinking i even gratting :-)

Gratta & Vinci is a small stupid shitty piece of paper that you’re rubbing, always in hope to find some cool symbols or cash signs…

hell, im rubbing like a rabbit…. normally on indiana jones ! Indiana Jones was sold out in my 365-days-sunshine village… so this time it was rubbing on Stella Stellina …which brought, well, no cash.

The most i’ve got since know is 50 bucks. On Indiana Jones of course. 50 bucks is not even enough to pay my gratta & vincis :-) .

But some days ago the lovely treb.. äh roland ! asked me what i would do if i’d really win those 200.000 bucks. Ueeeeeeh Nice nice questions. My ideas are like glitter and sparkles. ahhahah !!!!
No, they aren’t. Gosh, after this question i feel like an aqua & sapone girl more than ever !  I dont even know what i’d do with all this cash.

NO, well, i have some ideas…

- Mr. Joop could you please ship over the whole Wunderkind collection….
- A personal trainer which is blowing away my cell ( insiders know what i mean ahah )
- A personal assistent would be great. Someone who knows everything… oh no, wait… even better:
 a personal FAQ-person for my life would be more than awesome…
- I’d re-furbish all the rooms in my dad’s hotel 
- A battery for drahi…which is just working -obvious -- if he’s chatting with me…
- A personal masseur so i don’t have to extort my lil brother anymore ( no massage, no hockey ;-) )
- a massage-chair, some of those which i’ve tried out with manu at the rda in cologne … !
- uhmmm cigs for the richcorner kiddies ;-) ? NNNoooooo kathi !! zu früh gefreut :-)

 mmmhmmm, i guess that would be everything for now. Guess i’d save my gratta & vinci jackpot… on a great great bank. Telling the name would be too obvious right now…  Or under my cushion, under my solarium…..  Not that blond as she seemed, uhhh ?

…..Und wenn sie nich hier is iss sie aufm sonnendeck..  iss sie isss sie iss sie… oder im solarium…… oder im aquarium……..

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2 Dez 2008
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I have a certain “Lack-fetish”

Since quite a year a certain lack-fetish is manifesting himself inside me. Lack is that black glossy ‘leather’… who can look also very cheap sometimes… And, if i see for example lack-boots, not the cheap ones but maybe some boots with an exagerated heel im supersuperattracted by them…  If i see lack-bags same story… ( last time at the Frankfurt Main Airport from Guess ) im quite forced to buy them. And now, since winter is in front of our doors ( yeah ! we do have snow on the zipfel of our mountains now ! ) im superattracted by lack-coats !!!!!!!! Argh, yeah , its not easy to be a women ! My aunt just bought one.. and im soooo sooooooooo soooooooooooooo super-jelous ! ( also a great quality of women ) But i wont give up. I have to go soon to Milano and shop shop shop ’til i find something that is perfect. Im in the perfect mood to go, and - hopefully find – a lackcoat for the winter ( yes ! i would smile while im freezing in a lackcoat at 4 a.m. in front of the pukanaka) and, even more a lack-dress ! Uhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa yeahhhhh! Some days ago i saw Mrs Westwood in something that could explain what i’m searching. With some chains around the neck and that little skull she’s always wearing i find that dress just perfect. I’d work 3 days without a break for that dress ;-) ! But just have a look and maybe, the one or the other will understand what i mean ;-)    Men of course not.


And while im thinking of how to get a dress like that ( Tomorrow ill have to do some research about this dress… ) i remember myself that i dont need just one, but at least 3 or 4 dresses for the next months. ( Hanspeters SMG Marketing-Award-Loser-Party, Our Season-Ending-Party … ) My father always tells me “pleeeease get something to wear before the day of the party” . You have to know that right now im living in my dad’s flat and therefore im occupying very often his bathroom when some party is in the air. ( To my future husband: I will immediately changeeee for youuuuu, of courseeeeeeee!!!!!) And he hates that. Normally i really just need 5 mins to get ready … but when i dont feel very well in something that im wearing.. i neeed a loooooooooooot of time.. and a looooooooooot of space and my dad a loooooooooooot of patience!  And so , normally, on a day like that…. our flat looks like a “saustall” but smells like a little sunnysunny parc with different essences ;-) ( imagine Westwoods “Boudoir”, Dolce & Gabbana’s “Dolce & Gabbana” and Lanvin’s “Eclat d’Arpege” – my 3 must-haves mixed together)! ahah. So , if somebody knows something about this dress, write . IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!!!! If not, dont worry cause ill find everything out by myself as soon as i have some time. Im a master in doing researches.

By the way, the new Wunderkind collection is online and i’d like nothing else than look like this every day… and, i never knew that blue leopard pants can look so fantastic ! Have a look at the whole collection on Style.com !


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7 Okt 2008
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Alexandra Helling, i am yelling !!!

O-h- m-y- g-o-d ! This is like a triple orgasm this time. I saw Alexandra Helling in a few magazines in the last weeks… and i have to say, uehhh that’s a nice women ! Nooo, not  nice…. but beautiful and soooo amazingly unique and special. Perfect styled, perfect haircut, perfect smile and perfect body – at least for what i can see. And after all, she’s more or less always on the side of Mister Joop. ( god blesses his style !) But this time she was not just on the side of Mister Joop, no, wow, no, she was in the middle, in the centre , just everything i could see in this whole magazine. And her dress, ohhhh-my-god!

Amazing, beautiful… im even thinking about not to smoke for quite a long time to get that dress. You know, women have that strange feelings.. when they want to buy something. they’ll buy it – maybe sooner than later ! And i will get that dress sooner or later. Because it is just amazing and it would look amazing on me. Pah ! Dear Alexandra Helling, if you don’t need that dress anymore, i’d be the first volunteer ;-) !
I told also Klaus to go to Joop because i really like his Wunderkind collections….  but Klaus told me he’s not gay enough to go to Joop.  Well, arghhh…..


Wunderkind Spring Summer 2008

Have also a look at the Spring Summer 08 Wunderkind colletion… it is besides the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 06 my favourite collection ever ! ever ! ever ! And guess what i bought of this collection? NOTHING ! Because im a poor poor girl ! See ! Buy me a beer, furz ! Im going to change my mood with the Mary Poppins Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 09 !

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9 Sep 2008
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