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Snapshot… & women sometimes are plem plem

Found something nice on the Südtirol Reisen Blog:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair … just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.

Here we go:

But, ääähhm Herbert, im not sure if women will take a picture of themselves without doing any of this stuff before :-) We are not really made like thissss ;-) Ähm, yeah, Not at all ! Here’s the version for all the women on this planet and for men which dont know til now how WE would really do this snapshot-game:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. You don’t feel enough comfy, you’re not ready for that ? Ok, go and have a coffee and a sig …
3. Try to take a picture of yourself right now.
4. Look at it. If you dont like it go and fix your hair.

5. Put some lipstick on your lips !
6. Try to make another picture !
7. Look at it. Probably the shirt doesnt fit you very well today. Go and change your shirt. If it’s not the shirt change your hairstyle .. or both !
8. Take a picture of you right now !
8. Look at the picture.
9. Make some other pictures. Never look ( as man usually do ) just straight in the camera, this will make you look ugly, but you knew that also before ;-) . So make some more pictures until you feel comfy with ..at least one.. .. and try out everything until you like one or two..
9. Post these instructions with your favorite picture ( if you don’t like any of them just post an old picture and lie about the date… ) ..
…and admit, that sometimes we are a bit plem plem.


… Anyway, Herberts Picture still looks much nicer than mine  ……

And now YOU !!! Yes YOU ! – You can try out the same game here and leave me a picture of you ! Ho Ho Ho.

Prost and Night, Mister Knight. Night and Prost, Hundevoll-koooohst.
Yeah, i tried out the Reimlexikon which didn’t want to reim,  that …. :-)

Buy me a beer

26 Sep 2008
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Alexandra Helling, i am yelling !!!

O-h- m-y- g-o-d ! This is like a triple orgasm this time. I saw Alexandra Helling in a few magazines in the last weeks… and i have to say, uehhh that’s a nice women ! Nooo, not  nice…. but beautiful and soooo amazingly unique and special. Perfect styled, perfect haircut, perfect smile and perfect body – at least for what i can see. And after all, she’s more or less always on the side of Mister Joop. ( god blesses his style !) But this time she was not just on the side of Mister Joop, no, wow, no, she was in the middle, in the centre , just everything i could see in this whole magazine. And her dress, ohhhh-my-god!

Amazing, beautiful… im even thinking about not to smoke for quite a long time to get that dress. You know, women have that strange feelings.. when they want to buy something. they’ll buy it – maybe sooner than later ! And i will get that dress sooner or later. Because it is just amazing and it would look amazing on me. Pah ! Dear Alexandra Helling, if you don’t need that dress anymore, i’d be the first volunteer ;-) !
I told also Klaus to go to Joop because i really like his Wunderkind collections….  but Klaus told me he’s not gay enough to go to Joop.  Well, arghhh…..


Wunderkind Spring Summer 2008

Have also a look at the Spring Summer 08 Wunderkind colletion… it is besides the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 06 my favourite collection ever ! ever ! ever ! And guess what i bought of this collection? NOTHING ! Because im a poor poor girl ! See ! Buy me a beer, furz ! Im going to change my mood with the Mary Poppins Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 09 !

Buy me a beer

9 Sep 2008
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