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Reorganizing my tv-habits

There are things in life that we should better change earlier than later. And so i decided that i should change my tv-habits and lieblings-shows better before my future marriage just to avoid some little future-problems :-)

Some of you may know that im watching tv at a, uhm… low niveau ;-) That im addicted to Lost, Desperate Housewifes and Prison Break shouldnt be a problem for my future husband cause im watching the whole episodes in a row, so in three -- four days / year i can handle those shows :-) . But, the german and italian tv-shows are causing me more problems. And, the point on the i is that they are growing from problems to serious problems ! Some days ago i really had to take a shower before the evening … but… i turned on my tv.. and… !!!!!! they were presenting 11 new men on “Schwiergertochter gesucht” Ahahah. I’ll swear that i was watching all 11 before i was able to get under my shower. That was the point when i had a little chat with my tv-addicted-myself. So i said to myself: ”Little Lady, we have to change something :-) ” and see there, we changed something. I didnt watch Uomini e Donne --  which was normally occupying me from 3 to 4 p.m. - for A WEEK !!!!  

With this optimism and supersuccess i’ll start the the new week with my new tv-program without Bauer sucht Frau, Schwiegertochter gesucht or Nur die Liebe zählt. Ahah. I guess ill maybe get back to old habits and watch Family Guy, American dad ( with Klaus, the german fish )or some stinky news-crap-shows. But, is that better ? Yeah, maybe.. yes, it is.

Bassler, do we have enough beer in the cellar to avoid a heartattack?

Buy me a beer

8 Dez 2008
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