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Beers & Ideas: When can we finally vote online?

Sometimes ideas come with Beers, sometimes. Sometimes they’re amazing, sometimes they’re just stupid and sometimes you forget them in uhm maybe two minutes. Since i dont want to forget anymore ( im a super-forgetter ) im writing down what im thinking, immediately.

Now, not just in the USA all the voting-stuff is in the air…. no noooo, also here in the sunny south tyrol the air is full of publicity and candidate-websites and so -gähn- on…  So, yeahha!  we’re going to express our opinion also in South Tyrol. On my birthday. If i have to be honest … i dont really like to vote. Im not that interested in politics ( We could also say that i dont have a clue of it ) and i prefer to sleep on a sunday morning. Yeahhh i know you can vote normally also on mondays but, argh, monday sounds not better. But i will go to vote ! And you should too ! If you’re southtyrolean and you dont have a clue check out the wahlkabine.it 

There you can make a little quiz and the results show you who you should vote.. and which partei has the same opinions as you. Have to say that i was pretty surprised about such an idea, but the ösis had that idea before us… gähn! Pretty interesting also the result-pages .. and the opinions of the Parteien. If you’re not “into” politics of course… if you are, maybe you know all that stuff without doing the quiz. I just hope that sooner or later we can really vote online. In 10 years of my internetlife changed a lot of stuff here. Now we shop -- without leaving our bed -- , we sell -without going to the 2hand --  we mast*, we watch, we download, we upload.. and we should finally V o t e  ! We do, hell, sooo much things online. So why dont we vote online? Would be the easiest thing to do and we would have a bigger % of people who would vote ! So think about it, you politic-gurus! ( Remember, i had some beer … )  

So, turning back to my actual post.. as  i said, 26.10. is a grand-day. Vote-Day, Season-Ending-Party, Birthday.. yeah if i say birthday i have to “schluck” gulp.. or should i say swallow ? Im getting 25 this year. I always thought until 25 you have to be on the right way, on the green one… You have to have a certain job, you have to have a man, you have to live alone and you should finally find yourself… when you are 25. Now, uhm, i dont know if my whole life can change in 2 weeks, but uhm, we’re far far awayyyy from all that ! I cant even say that i dont have a job.. NOOOOOOOOOO its even worse ! I dont even have an idea of which job would fit me ! I cant say that i dont have a man… nooooo it doesnt even come to a flirt or a 50 $ date ! Im living again at home and im far far away of finding myself ! Im also scared about gettin 25. Thats pretty much. I should just become 25 in silence and do it like Lagerfeld afterwards.. never telling how old i really am. But it’s not just that i become 25.. no.. my lovely friend, my planner has also a great title on that day. Its the “Ende der Sommerzeit” which means exactly “THE END OF THE SUMMER-TIME” which can be interpreted by wannabe-creatives- as i am in certain ways. Ende der Sommerzeit could mean also end of the fluorescent-years that we had, end of stupid stuff and 1-night-flirts, end of 3-days-in-a-row-headaches and end of this student-ära-living that is still in my head. If i write again 2 minutes about getting 25 i need dr. bassler. But Dr. Bassler (writing it with Capitals make’s me even geil**) is far far away so i should just stop to write about that.

First season ending party 2002

Yeah ! We were young, fresh... amazingly fresh!

…Other event on the 26.10., well no, more than on the 26. it will happen on the 25.10.  But as we know partys sometimes end the next day… Season Ending Party at the Hotel. That sounds quite interesting to me. A bunch of people, maybe the one or the other hottie, a lot of drinks ……. yeah! Could live with Season-Ending-Parties for a loooong looong time !

Prost and Gooood-byeee,
der letzte schluck muss ryyyeee.


… A parte che gli anni passano per non ripassare piú
e il cielo promette di tutto ma resta nascosto lì dietro il suo blu
ed anche I UOMINI passano ……. qualcuno anche per di qua….

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10 Okt 2008
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einfach-ich.com is following me …

… as some ( well, i guess many ) of you know i had a website uhmmmm… 7, 8, 10 ? years ago. Blogging didn’t even exist but we had our daily diaries,  called more or less blogs now. I guess i started “blogging” in 1999. ( That’s  where one of my usual sentences “Webcams are so ’99” had its birth  )


Half the way it was appreciated, half also not. Tv and radios liked it :-) probably because it was something new and something strange in german language ( yeah we spoke pure german if we didnt had a “saufinachmittag” ( yeah i really spoke like that *shame*) :-) . For other things it wasn’t appreciated. My navigation was horror and different on kinda every site and probably sometimes I was also too extreme for our little sunshiny-towns.

But i met a lot of people and ueeh, with some im still in contact after ten years. Means im not thattt complicated to handle ;-) ! Very cool, huh !!

Now, in one of the last days i googled myself :-) ( ahah that sounds veryyy bad ) and i found way too many stuff about me. Stuff that im not really proud of and also stuff others wrote about me. ( Worldwidewolf )    Very funny ! In the end, fortunately I could cancel some things. And who knows, maybe, yeah maymaybe I will also not be proud of  some stuff I’m blogging right now. But what the hack, lets have a sip and lets not think about it!

Oh by the way, years ago I was also “putting” ( not posting ) some pictures of people on my website which, right now are also blogging. One of these is the hilfsbereite hanspeda,   which was very hilfsbereit also at highschool-times. ( He paid me beer at 7 in the morning before school :-) Right now ueh, he’s blogging like a machine! Ahah. His blog is called Kronplatz Blog and you should really go to visit it if you’re interested in tourism stuff, ad words stuff, calcio and most of all if you like this little nudging-others between-the-lines. Have to admit that Im reading his blog nearly twice day, its kinda southtyroean-devilish-tourism-inside-gossip-blog ;-) ahah. I should just add his Rss-Feed  right now.  And you should too! And don’t forget to add also mine ! ahah.

God im talking so much that sometimes i dont even remember what i wanted to say….. women ! yeah ! What i was trying to say.. im happy that many of my old ” groupies ” came back to my new holdrio and co site. Some of them searched me for a long time on the web and tried to reach me in different ways…  I got also many mails with hundreds of pictures of me.. Ueh, some of them i dont even have on my own pc!!!  But hey, welcome back, and i hope you’ll enjoy my posts, pictures and stuff  as before. … also if i guess that im not showing my ass so often as i used to ;-) ! Prost !

So, what do we learn about this post ?

- The web counts. Its not just a matter of sitting in front of the computer “the whole dayyyy”
- Southtyroleans like beer and are willing to drink a lot of it
- We are not going to let expire our domains just because there are some nice men around and we think that we’re not willing to blog again ( einfach-ich.com wants still 1500 bucks.. heyy ! im a poor workaholic ! )
-  southtyroleans don’t change friends and fellows  as their underwear

Uhaaa I should go to sleep. Have to wake up at 7 in the morning tomorrow – so I have arghh! PANIC ! 4 hours to sleep now. And second I should also be “fit as a turnschuh” tomorrow ‘cause on the departure days my “sparschwein” piggybank always eats the most ! Later on some other guests are coming back to do some traditional sunday- “Frühschoppen” so I should be able to zapf some “Weeeissss”. Last sip – Prost and good night.


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14 Sep 2008
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Stephanie alone in the Heidiland…

Im enjoying this weekend alone in this 365-sunshine-village ( well of course now it is raining) in South Tyrol where i live … and when im alone at home im loving it more and more to be here. Sitting outside the house, having no-one except some cows around…. Having a sig, maybe a drink and a good book…. Fantastic ! Yeah, we live there where you’re making holidays !  :-)  Just have to find the man willing to sit next to me. So Klaus, what’s up ??? Ahah ! See more pictures on my Flickr Site !

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12 Sep 2008
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