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Men named Klaus and their Pole Position in my life

Right now I’m very very pissed ’cause im not even able to make work a f* newsletter ( HELP !!!! ) so I’m trying to let the newsletter be a newsletter, with the little verb f* before and im thinking of something beautiful…

Something beautiful in my life are all those Klaus’es which -- when i hear or talk to them -- make me feel like lying in a park surrounded by … well, maybe five millions of different flowers in different colours all parfumed with different fragrances. Wonderful.

This shouldn’t be a post like all the others full of crappy shit ahah, no no, this i a post based on 25 years of experience. Uha! One good thing in being 25 is to have some “experience” in one or the other field :-) Cool, ha ? So if i dont have it in the ‘other’ field, i can definitively say that I have it in this one :-)

Yes, I have experiences with men which name’s “Klaus”. If a boy tell’s me that his Name is Klaus he has already a certain Heimvorteil, the polest pole-position ever. I normally like them right away without even knowing them.

Ich und mein Lieblingsklaus

With my 25-year-experience I can also definitely say that they are all loaded with a certain humour that has maybe the same effect as drugs on me.  They’re wonderful and charmy as its best, agressive and horny, always funny, self-confident ( which is a non-plus-ultra in a man ) sometimes a bit shy and normally they say things .. things that make me laugh soo sooooo sooooooooOOO much…. And that is definitively ( this word is definitively ! creating me always problems ) great.

In my studies I found out also that men named Klaus are mostly men with a big M . Something that I really apprecciate ! A man has to be a man with a capitalized (?) M. Second rule for My future Man.

Of course with all these Klauses and Pole -- Position there has to be also the superdriver. And there is one. His name is B…..r hrgmfahihihuhuoohohhoh… Thinking of him makes me suddenly feel like lying in my super-flowered-park.

I also talk about him right now because he is in delay with lovely mails. And, Yes ! … he is definitively writing the most flattering mails in this world :-) Did he maybe gave my pole position to the superbunny ? Noooooooo.

Klaus, bist du verknallt ????????

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18 Jan 2009
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