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Happy Family Shopping Day in Munich

Last week i went to Munich to have a nice and funny ( funny until my sister entered agent provocateur and couldn’t find the bra she wanted, hihi )  “HAPPY FAMILYShopping Day…. Of course , as you can imagine with part of my family… the “Happy” thing is to complicated to explain, at least to complicated for my mood and way too complicated for this hour ! At this hours i dont want to explain anymore… ANYTHING !  And, well, for all those who really think women are going to shop without any plan… Thats a big big mistake, because: WE DO HAVE A PLAN ! Also if sometimes we dont really know what we’re going to to buy .. because, if we think about it twice… we dont really have to buy something because ..thinking about it thrice ( ? ahah ) … we have everything…

But, i learned something from this Shopping-Experiences ( and, yes ! I really do have shopping EXPERIENCE ! I’d also say that im kind of an expert in that field… ) Ähm, well .. *sip* Ah yeah ! I learned from all my experience one thing: To try things on before i check my wallet.

Usually i loved to buy things right away if i liked something :-) .. and yeahhhh, if i have to tell you the truth.. it still happens sometimes .. but just sometimes :-) ! But, my mutti always says: Try it first on ! Try another size ! Try something else. Try it again ! Try something that you dont really like at first sight… ! And, this helps. Also if its very ähhhm,  time-catching.. it helps :-) Less i-buy-you-but-i-will-never-wear-you-stuff… and more bucks in my wallet. And right now im also making pictures when im going to shop… so i try things on, put them on-the-side for 2 hours.. and sometimes ill get back to buy them :-) Here’s just a little insight of things i thought i would like to buy… but the prince$$ didn’t came back.

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3 Apr 2009
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