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Man Needed – Requirements: Knowledge in everything

Friday again. Uffa. This week’s again over and if im looking at my planner it seems that this week has never began. Had so much plans for this week…. and there are soo much left. All ready to be re-planned for next week. Fuck. That’s pissing me off.

Well, have to say that i wasnt very fit this week. A bit sick, this problem, the other one… went to the dentist, which is even more than half a project for me :-) And because of the dentist I was living today with exactly: 1 coffee, 1 beer, half a coke and one piece of bread with schinkenwurst. Guess im going to violate the fridge in a second.

Oh yeah, and there was also the hairdresser and some little little stuff on the web which isn’t even worth specifying. Maybe the Lobo / Passing Book is helping me now to get things finally done … and today i will start with that book ! ( Well, at least right now im very optimistic that i will start reading today ……  :-)

But also without that book i think that now i would have the perfect solution for my not-consequent-female-being… Because, fact is, i always want to do a lot a lot a lot of stuff during the week… i always have millions of plans and things to do… it’s just, that very much of them have nothing to do with things i’ve learned or thing’s im able to do right away. So often i have to read, to google, to search, to copy to try to re-try .. to get things done. And fact nr. 2 is: it pisses me off if i can’t resolve things right away… at the first try. So sometimes after trying and retrying and reretrying my patience is over. Yeah, im not what you call a patient person. Asking people for the one or the other thing is just annoying me after a while. And second if I ask people to do some stuff that im not able to do im learning nothing and most of the time it costs too much for that crappy stuff im asking.  So, what i was thinking…  i just need a man ( well… today im in a good mood so it  could also be a cool woman .. but if its a female she has to be cool ! If its a man i’d also take a nerd ) which would be there for me 3 hours a week. Yeah, guess that would be enough :-) . This man should have a general overview and knowledge of different things. He should be a cellulitis-protector and combatant, a man with smokers-toothpaste-experience or at least knowledge in that field,  newsletter-creation … well, sometimes also dream interpretation is requested.  Do people like this exist or do they exist just for stars and wannabes ?

Well, i mean, he doesnt have to know things right away. He would also get my plans for the next week a week before ;-) so he knows exactly what has to be done next week and he could prepare himself for that. And, if we just think of one of the things that i want to do… : Cellulitis combatting could be also very funny. Fitness for both ( of course he should tell me how to do stuff because i didnt really see a fitness studio from inside until today … ) , watching tv, doing some brainstorming in the meanwhile.  Guess that could also be very funny . And yeah, here we are again. Things are funny if the one or the other knows how to do them and second, often things are funny if you do them together. Especially bastard things as going to a fitness studio !

Kisses from a Bussi-Bussi-Tussi ( just writing Tussi ’cause if my dad would read this post he would definively call me a tussi and say … that’s all crap, it’s just “Faulheit unterstützen” ). But that is not really true…

So, No boys …! This blogpost isn’t a joke ! It’s just written more funnier than everything is :-) … So, if there exists someone who is able to answer my questions and show me some stuff, especially web-stuff… not even 3 hours a week,  send a mail !

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25 Jan 2009
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Men named Klaus and their Pole Position in my life

Right now I’m very very pissed ’cause im not even able to make work a f* newsletter ( HELP !!!! ) so I’m trying to let the newsletter be a newsletter, with the little verb f* before and im thinking of something beautiful…

Something beautiful in my life are all those Klaus’es which -- when i hear or talk to them -- make me feel like lying in a park surrounded by … well, maybe five millions of different flowers in different colours all parfumed with different fragrances. Wonderful.

This shouldn’t be a post like all the others full of crappy shit ahah, no no, this i a post based on 25 years of experience. Uha! One good thing in being 25 is to have some “experience” in one or the other field :-) Cool, ha ? So if i dont have it in the ‘other’ field, i can definitively say that I have it in this one :-)

Yes, I have experiences with men which name’s “Klaus”. If a boy tell’s me that his Name is Klaus he has already a certain Heimvorteil, the polest pole-position ever. I normally like them right away without even knowing them.

Ich und mein Lieblingsklaus

With my 25-year-experience I can also definitely say that they are all loaded with a certain humour that has maybe the same effect as drugs on me.  They’re wonderful and charmy as its best, agressive and horny, always funny, self-confident ( which is a non-plus-ultra in a man ) sometimes a bit shy and normally they say things .. things that make me laugh soo sooooo sooooooooOOO much…. And that is definitively ( this word is definitively ! creating me always problems ) great.

In my studies I found out also that men named Klaus are mostly men with a big M . Something that I really apprecciate ! A man has to be a man with a capitalized (?) M. Second rule for My future Man.

Of course with all these Klauses and Pole -- Position there has to be also the superdriver. And there is one. His name is B…..r hrgmfahihihuhuoohohhoh… Thinking of him makes me suddenly feel like lying in my super-flowered-park.

I also talk about him right now because he is in delay with lovely mails. And, Yes ! … he is definitively writing the most flattering mails in this world :-) Did he maybe gave my pole position to the superbunny ? Noooooooo.

Klaus, bist du verknallt ????????

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18 Jan 2009
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einfach-ich.com is following me …

… as some ( well, i guess many ) of you know i had a website uhmmmm… 7, 8, 10 ? years ago. Blogging didn’t even exist but we had our daily diaries,  called more or less blogs now. I guess i started “blogging” in 1999. ( That’s  where one of my usual sentences “Webcams are so ’99” had its birth  )


Half the way it was appreciated, half also not. Tv and radios liked it :-) probably because it was something new and something strange in german language ( yeah we spoke pure german if we didnt had a “saufinachmittag” ( yeah i really spoke like that *shame*) :-) . For other things it wasn’t appreciated. My navigation was horror and different on kinda every site and probably sometimes I was also too extreme for our little sunshiny-towns.

But i met a lot of people and ueeh, with some im still in contact after ten years. Means im not thattt complicated to handle ;-) ! Very cool, huh !!

Now, in one of the last days i googled myself :-) ( ahah that sounds veryyy bad ) and i found way too many stuff about me. Stuff that im not really proud of and also stuff others wrote about me. ( Worldwidewolf )    Very funny ! In the end, fortunately I could cancel some things. And who knows, maybe, yeah maymaybe I will also not be proud of  some stuff I’m blogging right now. But what the hack, lets have a sip and lets not think about it!

Oh by the way, years ago I was also “putting” ( not posting ) some pictures of people on my website which, right now are also blogging. One of these is the hilfsbereite hanspeda,   which was very hilfsbereit also at highschool-times. ( He paid me beer at 7 in the morning before school :-) Right now ueh, he’s blogging like a machine! Ahah. His blog is called Kronplatz Blog and you should really go to visit it if you’re interested in tourism stuff, ad words stuff, calcio and most of all if you like this little nudging-others between-the-lines. Have to admit that Im reading his blog nearly twice day, its kinda southtyroean-devilish-tourism-inside-gossip-blog ;-) ahah. I should just add his Rss-Feed  right now.  And you should too! And don’t forget to add also mine ! ahah.

God im talking so much that sometimes i dont even remember what i wanted to say….. women ! yeah ! What i was trying to say.. im happy that many of my old ” groupies ” came back to my new holdrio and co site. Some of them searched me for a long time on the web and tried to reach me in different ways…  I got also many mails with hundreds of pictures of me.. Ueh, some of them i dont even have on my own pc!!!  But hey, welcome back, and i hope you’ll enjoy my posts, pictures and stuff  as before. … also if i guess that im not showing my ass so often as i used to ;-) ! Prost !

So, what do we learn about this post ?

- The web counts. Its not just a matter of sitting in front of the computer “the whole dayyyy”
- Southtyroleans like beer and are willing to drink a lot of it
- We are not going to let expire our domains just because there are some nice men around and we think that we’re not willing to blog again ( einfach-ich.com wants still 1500 bucks.. heyy ! im a poor workaholic ! )
-  southtyroleans don’t change friends and fellows  as their underwear

Uhaaa I should go to sleep. Have to wake up at 7 in the morning tomorrow – so I have arghh! PANIC ! 4 hours to sleep now. And second I should also be “fit as a turnschuh” tomorrow ‘cause on the departure days my “sparschwein” piggybank always eats the most ! Later on some other guests are coming back to do some traditional sunday- “Frühschoppen” so I should be able to zapf some “Weeeissss”. Last sip – Prost and good night.


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14 Sep 2008
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