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I have a certain “Lack-fetish”

Since quite a year a certain lack-fetish is manifesting himself inside me. Lack is that black glossy ‘leather’… who can look also very cheap sometimes… And, if i see for example lack-boots, not the cheap ones but maybe some boots with an exagerated heel im supersuperattracted by them…  If i see lack-bags same story… ( last time at the Frankfurt Main Airport from Guess ) im quite forced to buy them. And now, since winter is in front of our doors ( yeah ! we do have snow on the zipfel of our mountains now ! ) im superattracted by lack-coats !!!!!!!! Argh, yeah , its not easy to be a women ! My aunt just bought one.. and im soooo sooooooooo soooooooooooooo super-jelous ! ( also a great quality of women ) But i wont give up. I have to go soon to Milano and shop shop shop ’til i find something that is perfect. Im in the perfect mood to go, and - hopefully find – a lackcoat for the winter ( yes ! i would smile while im freezing in a lackcoat at 4 a.m. in front of the pukanaka) and, even more a lack-dress ! Uhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa yeahhhhh! Some days ago i saw Mrs Westwood in something that could explain what i’m searching. With some chains around the neck and that little skull she’s always wearing i find that dress just perfect. I’d work 3 days without a break for that dress ;-) ! But just have a look and maybe, the one or the other will understand what i mean ;-)    Men of course not.


And while im thinking of how to get a dress like that ( Tomorrow ill have to do some research about this dress… ) i remember myself that i dont need just one, but at least 3 or 4 dresses for the next months. ( Hanspeters SMG Marketing-Award-Loser-Party, Our Season-Ending-Party … ) My father always tells me “pleeeease get something to wear before the day of the party” . You have to know that right now im living in my dad’s flat and therefore im occupying very often his bathroom when some party is in the air. ( To my future husband: I will immediately changeeee for youuuuu, of courseeeeeeee!!!!!) And he hates that. Normally i really just need 5 mins to get ready … but when i dont feel very well in something that im wearing.. i neeed a loooooooooooot of time.. and a looooooooooot of space and my dad a loooooooooooot of patience!  And so , normally, on a day like that…. our flat looks like a “saustall” but smells like a little sunnysunny parc with different essences ;-) ( imagine Westwoods “Boudoir”, Dolce & Gabbana’s “Dolce & Gabbana” and Lanvin’s “Eclat d’Arpege” – my 3 must-haves mixed together)! ahah. So , if somebody knows something about this dress, write . IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!!!! If not, dont worry cause ill find everything out by myself as soon as i have some time. Im a master in doing researches.

By the way, the new Wunderkind collection is online and i’d like nothing else than look like this every day… and, i never knew that blue leopard pants can look so fantastic ! Have a look at the whole collection on Style.com !


Buy me a beer

7 Okt 2008
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Alexandra Helling, i am yelling !!!

O-h- m-y- g-o-d ! This is like a triple orgasm this time. I saw Alexandra Helling in a few magazines in the last weeks… and i have to say, uehhh that’s a nice women ! Nooo, not  nice…. but beautiful and soooo amazingly unique and special. Perfect styled, perfect haircut, perfect smile and perfect body – at least for what i can see. And after all, she’s more or less always on the side of Mister Joop. ( god blesses his style !) But this time she was not just on the side of Mister Joop, no, wow, no, she was in the middle, in the centre , just everything i could see in this whole magazine. And her dress, ohhhh-my-god!

Amazing, beautiful… im even thinking about not to smoke for quite a long time to get that dress. You know, women have that strange feelings.. when they want to buy something. they’ll buy it – maybe sooner than later ! And i will get that dress sooner or later. Because it is just amazing and it would look amazing on me. Pah ! Dear Alexandra Helling, if you don’t need that dress anymore, i’d be the first volunteer ;-) !
I told also Klaus to go to Joop because i really like his Wunderkind collections….  but Klaus told me he’s not gay enough to go to Joop.  Well, arghhh…..


Wunderkind Spring Summer 2008

Have also a look at the Spring Summer 08 Wunderkind colletion… it is besides the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 06 my favourite collection ever ! ever ! ever ! And guess what i bought of this collection? NOTHING ! Because im a poor poor girl ! See ! Buy me a beer, furz ! Im going to change my mood with the Mary Poppins Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 09 !

Buy me a beer

9 Sep 2008
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