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What is RSS ? Do you know what RSS is?

Im really surprised how many people still don’t know what RSS is and, most of all, how useful and time-saving it is !

Most of you are daily in front of the computer. How often do you go through your favorite websites – daily – weekly … just hoping that you’ll find something new on that webpage.

RSS Feeds can help you to save time because it allows you to stay informed about the latest content from your favorite websites. Im sure that all of you have seen this little ( most of the time  orange) logo before. This sign stands for RSS.

An Rss document, called “feed” is a format for delivering changing web content. If you go through news-sites, blogs … and you click on their RSS – Logo you can subscribe to their RSS Feed. These are just two simple clicks if you just want to use your normal Explorer / Mozilla to read their Newsfeed:

1) Click on the RSS Logo on the webpage ( Click on: View Feed XML )
2) “Subscribe” to the RSS Feed of that webpage

Later on you’ll see the RSS Feeds of the websites you subscribed all in one list, just like your favorites. Now, instead of going through all your favorites for checking out news and updates you just open that RSS Folder and see which Feeds are in bold. The bold ones are updated and if you click on them, you can see the latest entries!

Cool, huhh ?

So go, subscribe to my rss-feed and show me what you’ve learned :-) Kisses, Stephanie  

P.S. Philip – next time i’ll be in Milan im going to check your Rss Folder :-)
P.S.S. For those who didnt understand my description, heres a stupid hint to subscribe to my feed: Richcorner Feed

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10 Nov 2008
Thomas said,  

RSS hat aber auch Nachteile… man hat im Endeffekt weniger “Hits”, oder?

P.S.: Ich war der zweite Holdrio-Abonnent. WER WAR DER ERSTE?!?!?!?!

stephanie said,  

wo thomas recht hat hat er recht…. aber steckt ja wiedermal noch was andres hinter meinem artikel…

der erste wahrscheinlich ich ;-) ahah . ja man muss ja testen ob alles funktioniert und so weiss man am tag nach der party wenigstens gleich ob man was immens dummes gepostet hat oder nich.. ;-) ! liebe grüsse!

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