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Uhm, was there a weekend this week?

Normally i say at least two words about my weekends… but this time i don’t even know what to say. Could be that this weekend was even more boring than my others. Well, no, maybe not more boring… we could call it .. ‘more german’ ….  and im not really proud about that what im going to post right now. First of all, i was really “stuff” about everything this week. I went from one official office to the other this week ( Why? … in another post.. ) i went to the city and i went back to my hometown, i went again to the city and i went back again…. and thats why i was “stuff”.

“Stuff” means nothing else than being annoyed and bored ’bout something. So i wasnt really in the mood to do something this weekend…. I have to admit that i didnt went out for a long time, also in times when i was not “stuff”.. ! Dont really know why. First of all i have not that much friends here back in tyrol. Second, im not the biggest friendship-carer and third … if i dont go out i will never meet new people and maybe not new friends. But until now this thing didnt really scare me.  Others are more scared about the fact that im not going out for such a long time…. But i always say: i do things when i really want to do things. And since i didnt talk bad about that it cant be something that really disturbs me. Got it ? Fine. Well, let’s get back to my beginning… my weekend was way tooooooo german this time. If you believe it or not. I was in my pijama at around 8.p.m, at 8.30 in my bed watching superdump german stuff: i was zapping between “popp dich schlank”, which means more or less: “fuck ’til your slim or fuck you slim….” ( i’d like to underline that it was comedy ) and dieter bohlen’s supertalent. yeah yeah, no applaus please, im not feeling very proud about that … :-( . I finished my saturday night with Spiegel Tv about the US financial crises which brought me also to sleep later on. So what do we learn about this tv-weekend ? 

Let’s never have a german-tv-weekend again !!!!!

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10 Nov 2008
Thomas said,  

Warum hast du nicht “Wetten, dass…?” geschaut? Dort hat es irgendsoein durchgeknallter Texaner geschafft, sich innerhalb einer Minute 49x gegen den Kopf zu treten. Hmmm… halt genau das, was man auch selber gerne machen würde, nach so einem Fernsehsamstag, nich?

kathi said,  

siehsu stephie du bist nicht die einzige die samstag abends tv schaut :D
wetten dass — stephie aufschreiben :D und sunst wenn mogsch in zukunft sein a poor geile tattoo conventions :D wenn mogsch mitfaahn kommsch mit ne?
ach stephie longweilen isch jo a amol fein :D

KS said,  

ahhh stuff… dachte mir da steht suff ;)

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