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Saturday night sounds always good

I wannnaaaa gooooooooo outtttttttt! Today i’ve got a lil’ problem … first of all i had to have a 50-$-date that didn’t even happen and second my friend pezphi is at homeeee and right now this uncredible wanting-to-go-out-feeling came just over me…  

Well, we had that problem also in milan… I want to go out .. but you dont want to cause your too tired.. or you want to go out but im still sleeping :-) But then an amazing idea come over us ..and we just made some week-plannings. On monday we’re sleeping because of sunday. Tuesday is “Biodionschta” which is more or less “beer-tuesday”.. so on monday you know you should go to bed sooner or later ’cause biodionschta is a hard day ! On wednesday we’re doing pretty nothing on thursday we’re pretty amazed to start the weekend and sometimes we’re starting it already. on friday we’re f****amazed because we’re finally in the WEEKEND so very often it was DUOMO-STEPS-AFTERNOON and drinkydrunky shopping. Saturday is more or less a i-do-shit day and sunday was often a glounge day. god , i miss that time. MILANO, TI AMO !

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17 Aug 2008
ahmet said,  

i love you baby

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