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Ready for Arschbomben in the whirlpool

Stephanie alone at home… sounds cool , huh ?
Stephanie alone in the hotel, sounds even more cooooooooool !
Naaah, noooo, wait.. that sounds maybe even more than cool or cooler. Coooolishhh maybe ……
Yeah, today i have more humor than god provided for me. ho ho ho. Very funny.

I dont know why but im always thinking that maybe nobody is reading these bulls* in the same way as im writing it…..  except bassler and some others that had too much beer or wine  :-) Nobody else is maybe making pronounciations on the words that i think should be pronounced in a certain way….  gosh , its a hard work to write and be funny at the same time…   Is at least somebody understanding my jokes ???????? )

Well, let’s get back to my official post in order to dont make some rotzblogging… ( i love drweb )  Well im alone at home… and…… Im in a mood between .. ( Ex ) Knorkator, ( greetings to stumpen )  Böhse Onkelz and Sam Cooke mixed with some prosecco, private and official phone calls. That’s not a great mix. But !!!!!

I didn’t told you that my happy hour began at 5 p.m. Now it’s 8.30  10.37 and im pretty relaxed and for me this is a great mix of things…( well right now i changed also music… ). Besides that i got no more incoming phone calls ( well, the one or the other italian will still call for a room per capodanno… rooms that are sold out uhm maybe since 2 months…), no more handwerker in the house to fix things… nothing. Im alone at home with my little brother that doesnt even count because we share us the hotel in days like this one. he’s yelling to his hockey hymns in the left part of the house…. and im rocking the house in the right part of the hotel. Great ! 

So, also if my dad is writing me right now that he’s eating in my favorite restaurant of vienna im staying pretty calm… Anzi, im not even reacting because right now we’re pretty amazed by making arschbomben ( uhmm yeah, arschbomben are when you jump into the water … but ähmmm yeah your ass has to touch the water first and you have to hold your knees with both arms straight to your breast… ) in the whirlpool, rockin the hotel with our music, clothes and shoes are rocking spared around the house and tomorrow we will sleeeeeeeep we will sleeeeep we willll sleeeep more than ever ;-) God knows in how many we will wake up :-) uhuuu.

P.S. Arschbomben Pictures will be online soon :-) Ahah

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9 Dez 2008
Thomas said,  

Ach du liebe Sch****!!! Das Lied habe ich seit den 80ern nicht mehr gehört! AAAAARGH!!!!!

stephanie said,  

thomas: ja wie alt bist du denn ;) ????

Thomas said,  

Muss ich das jetzt sagen? ;) Naja, nur soviel: als ich das Video das erste mal auf MTV sah war ich etwa 10 Jahre alt.

Thomas said,  

Ach ja: Wir warten übrigens immer noch auf die versprochenen “Arschbomben Pictures”! :-)

heat said,  

lustig, onkelz werden auch jahre später noch ge-namedropped. :D

Thomas said,  

lustig, dieser blog-eintrag ist fast ein halbes jahr alt.

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