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Ozapft is … Wiesn without me

couldn’t write for some days cause my bed is definitely choice number one if im not working in these days. im supertired. just thinking about the end of this season to go to brazil, thailand or where-ever the first airplane takes me. the only thing i actually did besides working and sleeping in these days is trying out my new pants … i thought they’re fitting my very well, so i bought 3 pairs - same style right away… dad says always i shouldnt wear pants like that ’cause they’re making me look a bit ‘fatty’. But he also says that this isnt my fault.. its just because im sooo short ;-) . Nice, nice, yes dad, yes, väääryy nice . He also says always i shouldnt wear sneakers or flip flops without heels and , uhm well, flip flops dont have a heel… his 2 sentence ( logic )is… cause your just too short for that…  by the way, im not THAT SHORT. Im 165 !

Germans always use to say: “Klein aber oho”, and thats what i definitely am !

Not much else to say today. I worked yesterday, today and i will work also tomorrow cause my dad’s going to the Oktoberfest where i actually ! wanted to be present too ! ( and maybe find a millionair of the bussi-bussi-promis here )  But it doesnt really matter, i dont even have a dirndl :-(   and i have way too much things to do this week. My guests are even having FULL-BOARD !!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR when halfboard would be more than enough ! But.. calm down.. calm down.. Fortunately i do always have my plans, so everything is planned.. and i don’t have to worry. Yes, my plans and me are living in our own world that nobody can really understand. ahah. ( ’famous’ Klaus called me even Psycho because of that ) Well, let’s say that i wake up with my plan and last thing i see at night is also him. ( Yes, he’s a man, obviously ) . Sometimes, in the middle of the night i have to stand also up to write something on him…  to, obvious, have it on my plan… cause nothing… not my final shower has to miss in this perfect plan.

In my planner you can find quite everything about me and what i have to do the whole day. My dad said some days ago that it seems that im pretty planned-out. Ahah. Yeahhh, thats true. Its just that nobody can really understand what im writing down … And well, besides this planner there exist even more little plans.. children of the big plans that i have. Yeah, okay, probably it is really  bit psycho cause sometimes im also writing down when i should go and have my shower or a text for a sms that i have to write in exactly ( yeah, planned !) three days… Plans are also separated in different colours, different under-linings, different type of writing…. :-) Yeah, its too complicated and im kinda annoying you…

Let’s make it quick. I want do cross out a lot of things of my planner this week ( some plans are there since a year i guess.. but since i read my horoscope in the last days: “This is a good day to do things that you wanted to do since a long long time – Go for it and do everything – You wont have such a good day in the next time” ) ….im crossing out like a machine.. UEHHHY and i wanna go on with this power that i have right now ;-) . ”

So, this week i will:

- Finish the layout for Tauferer Ahrntal

- Making the dirty fotoshooting i have in my head with my sister Kathrin. Hope she will do it :-)   hihihihihi! I definitely know the name for the shooting: “hardcore remmidemmi” guess this sounds perfect ! Hardcore for my sister and remmidemmi is perfect for me. is somebody out there a volunteer-beer-holder ?

- Finally finding the right ‘epiphanic realization’ ( what an ugly word ) … thinking about what i should do after this season.. i love the web, i’d love to organize fashion shows, i’d love to do the yoox master in e-fashion which costs way too much and 2) i dont like people which are studying til their old, i’d love to marry an ad-sense millionair ;-) , i’d love to combine fashion and internet, i’d love to open a great shop with a lounge and a club..yeah yeah…, i’d love to design my own stuff….

- designing some shirts for my richcorner shop

- thinking about an idea for the cnc plugin generation

- asking Marc from Melonjuice to do something in Flash ( hate flash.. bleah) for me. P.S. Marc, now you have to go online tomorrow :-)

.. and so on. pretty annoying stuff i guess. having a drink, having a sig and hoping that they will repeat Gräfin gesucht :-) ( yeahhh laughhh, im used to it today )  on sat 1. good night.

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21 Sep 2008
Pablo /GELACID/ said,  

Hola chika linda !!

marc said,  

holy shiat.
hope to get everything online till the weekend :D

klaus said,  

HAH! Guess what: Ich bin auf der Wiesn am
Wochenende! Holdrio und so.

Stephanie said,  

KLAUS !!!! NEINNN !!! Warum du und ich nich.. und du ohne mich auf der Flirt-wiesn .. das geht schon ma gar nich !! Bin dafür vielleicht in Mailand wenn du auch unten bist. Muss ja kontrollieren was du so treibst :-) und die Bars wolln ja auch l…g…. werden! Stephanie

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