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My hair looks like i feel today …


shitty ! I had my free day today and i didn’t even really know what to do with all that time. I woke up at 8 a.m. while i normally still have problems to wake up at 10 or 11. Then i was sitting for a long long time in front of my computer where just annoying people were online. The funny thing is that they didnt even talk to me. Even more annoying. Probably i was annoying too. I tried to make some graphics and i found out that today art is hard. Later on i packed myself into the shower and since then i cant hear anything on my left ear. In the afternoon i dragged myself into the car to drive alone to the city. Went to see some shoes, saw two pairs and didnt even buy one. Now im again at home also if i wanted to go out. But I dont really feel like anything today… I need a drink…

Buy me a beer

6 Sep 2008
Thomas said,  

Wusste gar nicht daß Du einen Führerschein hast. Welches Auto fährst Du?

stephanie said,  

Aber halloooo?!!! Seh ich so aus als würd ich keinen Führerschein haben?? Ahah, ich fahre, und wie. Mit offenem Fenster und Arm draussen Winter wie Sommer. Nur beim Parken tun wir uns öfters etwas schwerer ;-) Ahah… um das Klischee zu bestätigen ! Hab kein Geld für ein Auto und deshalb fahr ich mit Dad’s Auto, was …so denke ich, sogar besser is als mir eins zu kaufen ;-) !

cinehistoria said,  

Hi, dear!

Are you still single? I don’t believe you. If you are is because you want it.

With best wishes from Barcelona,


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