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Man Needed – Requirements: Knowledge in everything

Friday again. Uffa. This week’s again over and if im looking at my planner it seems that this week has never began. Had so much plans for this week…. and there are soo much left. All ready to be re-planned for next week. Fuck. That’s pissing me off.

Well, have to say that i wasnt very fit this week. A bit sick, this problem, the other one… went to the dentist, which is even more than half a project for me :-) And because of the dentist I was living today with exactly: 1 coffee, 1 beer, half a coke and one piece of bread with schinkenwurst. Guess im going to violate the fridge in a second.

Oh yeah, and there was also the hairdresser and some little little stuff on the web which isn’t even worth specifying. Maybe the Lobo / Passing Book is helping me now to get things finally done … and today i will start with that book ! ( Well, at least right now im very optimistic that i will start reading today ……  :-)

But also without that book i think that now i would have the perfect solution for my not-consequent-female-being… Because, fact is, i always want to do a lot a lot a lot of stuff during the week… i always have millions of plans and things to do… it’s just, that very much of them have nothing to do with things i’ve learned or thing’s im able to do right away. So often i have to read, to google, to search, to copy to try to re-try .. to get things done. And fact nr. 2 is: it pisses me off if i can’t resolve things right away… at the first try. So sometimes after trying and retrying and reretrying my patience is over. Yeah, im not what you call a patient person. Asking people for the one or the other thing is just annoying me after a while. And second if I ask people to do some stuff that im not able to do im learning nothing and most of the time it costs too much for that crappy stuff im asking.  So, what i was thinking…  i just need a man ( well… today im in a good mood so it  could also be a cool woman .. but if its a female she has to be cool ! If its a man i’d also take a nerd ) which would be there for me 3 hours a week. Yeah, guess that would be enough :-) . This man should have a general overview and knowledge of different things. He should be a cellulitis-protector and combatant, a man with smokers-toothpaste-experience or at least knowledge in that field,  newsletter-creation … well, sometimes also dream interpretation is requested.  Do people like this exist or do they exist just for stars and wannabes ?

Well, i mean, he doesnt have to know things right away. He would also get my plans for the next week a week before ;-) so he knows exactly what has to be done next week and he could prepare himself for that. And, if we just think of one of the things that i want to do… : Cellulitis combatting could be also very funny. Fitness for both ( of course he should tell me how to do stuff because i didnt really see a fitness studio from inside until today … ) , watching tv, doing some brainstorming in the meanwhile.  Guess that could also be very funny . And yeah, here we are again. Things are funny if the one or the other knows how to do them and second, often things are funny if you do them together. Especially bastard things as going to a fitness studio !

Kisses from a Bussi-Bussi-Tussi ( just writing Tussi ’cause if my dad would read this post he would definively call me a tussi and say … that’s all crap, it’s just “Faulheit unterstützen” ). But that is not really true…

So, No boys …! This blogpost isn’t a joke ! It’s just written more funnier than everything is :-) … So, if there exists someone who is able to answer my questions and show me some stuff, especially web-stuff… not even 3 hours a week,  send a mail !

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25 Jan 2009
Thorsten said,  

Naja, gegen Cellulite soll Frei-Öl ganz gut sein. Ich würd dir den Hintern damit sicherlich 3 Stunden lang pro Woche einmassieren… ;-) Hab eh nix zu tun am WE. :-)

Bin Nichtraucher, aber von Perl-Weiss gibt’s eine Raucher-Zahnpasta.

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