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I’m not an animalpictureposter but…

a picture of Kerry ( yeah he’s an intellectual, not a sporty one… ) is something different…  But let’s start from the beginning…


My dad says more or less three times a week that me and Kerry are getting more familiar every day… We’re sleeping, eating and watching tv… Well, i mean… i can’t say that this is not true ;-) but.. these are things i really like… and since i have no man ( i will not tell you since how long im single… ) and sometimes no better things to do i can afford to do that. Sometimes my dad is also making pictures of these hobbies that we have.. so i found a familiar one. ( yeah, we got also some cats when my mom left…)

Stephanie & Muina... uhm ... sleeping

.. and since i have well, 1,2,4..6….let’s just call it “some” of pictures like that .. i was looking through my pictures if im really that tired all the time ;-) .. and yeah.. i guess im kind of a lazy person :-) . But did you see that there is not even one picture with my new short hair here ? Uahahaha… thats what the mountains ( and dad.. he says i still have the “city-jog-trot”) are doing to me. Now im again ”fit like a sneaker”.. at least germans call it like that and also my weight is going to be normal again. ( in my first half year in milan i put +8 kilo on the weighing machine..so)  good night. have to sleep and have to have a drink. tomorrow im going out. so no pictures on sunday.

The Stephanie-is-kinda-tired-collection

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29 Aug 2008

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