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I need a Junior Lucky Bastard Job !

Good evening Ladies & Gentleman ! Thank God it’s Saturday ! So i finally find some time for myself & things i should have done since 3 months !

I hate searching jobs, i hate writing cv’s and i hate send all that to companies. But i have to. Because i want to get a

- & AMAZING job ! ( Something like the Junior Lucky Bastard from 55DSL ;-)) ( OH MY GOD ! This is destiny – i just saw that the Junior Lucky Bastard Season 3 just starteeddd ahahah !!! have to look at that again later one… would be too freaky now if this is real. maybe it was just an old ad… )

Well, let’s get back to my beginning….  ’til now everything sounds perfect. No, not perfect, but normal. The only problem is: What do i really want to do ? As some of you know i studied Fashion Design and later on i worked in Milan for a year. Since i never had a Euro in my pants i left Milan 1 year ago. And yeah, now im here between cows and churches, between winter season and summer season, between apres ski and grandma-vacancies… All this at daddys place and yeah, good thing is that my bancaccount is smiling again :-) . But, sincerely, i can not remain here for the rest of my life. At least not now… So, i have to find a job !

I went through millions of sites in the internet and argh, its so hard to find something that ‘fits’. I found out, while i was talking with myself that i want to do something that connects Internet and Fashion or 2) do something in the organization of fashion shows. Thinking bout fashion shows let’s me have different orgasms, so it has to be something that really inspires me :-) .

In normal jobboards you can rarely find a job in the fashion industry. On fashion boards i always have to click at “Other Jobs” to find something that im maybe intersted in… 

Guess im sending my cv also to some amazing online magazines that are talkin also bout fashion…  as Blond, Neo2, Neon, Vice etc etc ……

Yeah i think something like that would be just perfect. Im a www-child, yeah ! And uah, here we come to another point: What can i do ?

I can:

- use the www & computer better than many others
- i can use office, photoshop, expression web, dreamweaver, frontpage …  and im quick in learning new   programs & things
- i’m good in finding solutions – for everything !
- i can work in a team but i can also work perfectly alone
- im creative also if it takes some time .. sometimes
- i’m good in organizing things
- im not complicated
- i speak german, italian and my english is.. well its just like that……..

My future-program – besides finding a job:

-  different web projects – tourism, fashion..
-  learning french
-  finding a man without having kids

My negative sites:

- i love to sleep in the morning

Argh guys, i just hope ill find that amazing job im searching.. also if i dont look like a perfect applier today …

P.S. Shawn Michaels , if you want I could also be your personal assistent :-) Ahahah!

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1 Nov 2008
Gelacid said,  

What can you do?

a)-Take holidays !(NO in the geriatrical AIDA)
b)-Sale GELACID in Italy!
c)-Find a millionare guy.
d)-Send me your C.V. (i have curiosity )
e)-Buy a lottery ticket and win! ;D
f)-Help me to do http://www.gelacid.de (of course FREE )
g)- All.

I recommend to you take holidays or sale GELACID!

PS. I love the girls that sleep all the morning …cause i do the same!

PS.2 Your future program is have a lot of childs !!!!!!

Thomas said,  

Du kannst noch eine weitere Fremdsprache! Südtirolerisch!!!

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