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Francesco Botta: A post just for girls !

Okay men, listen ! This is a post just for girls. So it is better if you just ignore this post… Because as you know, we need space, we need clothes, we need manymanymany other stuff… and we need time to ahhhhh dream and smile a little bit in front of our computer :-) So girls. Make yourself comfortable, sit down, put your hands on your airmchair and dont scratch the airmchairs with your nails while your watching that :-) !

I cant help myself but i really think that this guy, called Francesco Botta  (known just in Italy and just because of Big Brother ) looks amazing. Besides that he is also a master in speaking in two ways ;-) ! And i love that. I dont even know if you know what i mean with “speaking in two ways” …. uhm speaking in two ways is … if somebody is talking about one thing but while he’s doing that he’s caressing some adult content. Is that a good explaination? No, i guess not. Nevermind. Girls know about what im talking !

After all i have to admit that i also registered now on his forum. Ahahah! Oh my gooood! I feel like im 14 again. A 14-year-old Botta groupie with the little difference that now im 10 years older and i should act like that anymore :-) ! But heyyyy, i just did that to see if he’s doing some events in Milan ;-) ! So im excused. Argh i remember being 14 and having nothing else than another “star” in my mind… with the little difference that he had long long looooooooooong hair. But no, im not going to tell you who it was because i just admitted too much bad things for today !
Back to Botta … Francesco, just come over, lets get married, lets make some children and settle down :-) Just joking… Have to run.. cause at 3 p.m. i have to watch something very very stupid on the italian tv. Can’t tell you what. Just philip and camilla know  this little secret ;-)

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17 Okt 2008

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