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4 a.m. and I am pissed … with a cabdriver

Yesterday night… after 8 hours of a nice but always formal, ochhhh, noo, let’s call it niveauvoll 50-$-date-night in Bruneck ( most of the time in a secret club that doesn’t really exist uhuhuh ) I decided at around 4 a.m. that its maybe better to go home…. Yeah, yeah i know.. i went out at kiddies-time yesterday night, but let’s go on…. So at around 4 I called a cab and yeah, that cab came… and as small-town-kids are…  they usually share cabs back to town and so also my cab was already full of people. Not even entered to the front-seat the taxidriver greeted me with: “Hey Stephie, long time no see !” I have to admit that also after 3 minutes I didn’t really knew who this guy was and that was not cause of my consumption that night.
Later on he asked me if we still have that great cake and coffee in the morning and so I knew that he’s an old old cabdriver .. or better, a cabdriver of old times that sometimes had the pleasure to enjoy some breakfast at the hotel when he brought me home.

Everything nice, everything fine, everything okay … until he began to talk bout “hotelkids” with that hrm hrm undertone !
If someone is talking about ‘hotelkids’ ( with that ugly untertone ) my ears are very wide opened and maybe sometimes also a bit too sensitive…

He talked for one minute and after his explanation about ‘hotekids’ I was pretty pissed. He just said that these rich kids are doing quiet nothing the whole f* year and everything they want or need gets sticked into their ass !

HELLOOOO!?!!?! We are working too ! We are hotelkids, but we’re not all like Paris ! On some days we’re even working our ass off !! And sometimes we’re maybe working even more than you ! We’re working also 12, 15 or 16 hours and if somebody needs us at 3 a.m. in the morning WE ARE THERE ! And yeah ! We’re not just stupid car- or clothshoppingkids you stupid f* ! And: A real men, after looking at me would have recognized that i did’nt went to the hairdresser for at least 2 months :-) ! PR PR PR ! When i was leaving the cab I left also two direct but pointy sentences and I guess he knew exactly what I meant. He also turned down his window again to scream something nice. And today I saw at my 5 year old mobile phone that he also found out my number to write me a nice sms : “Sorry, wasn’t meant like that “.

Grrr !

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12 Jan 2009
KS said,  

hei hotelkiddy! ;)

Thomas said,  

So, what did you say to him?!

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